One word. Two goals. And three steps forward.

April. That stands for departure, change – and Hannover fair. Normally. In these times, hardly anything is normal, and we are not satisfied with normal. We want more, and we think ahead. So that you can move forward.


One word.

We give you our word: We do not stand still. We are already developing what we present to you today. Even more services will be available to you soon. Which ones, for example? We will reveal that soon. That much is clear: We are setting the world in motion. Because what we have initiated is just the beginning.


Two goals.

Speaking of toasting. We raise our virtual glasses to you and your experience: The new KSI showroom is open. Visit us and almost feel like you’re at the “normal” trade fair. Browse, discover, find out all the relevant details with a click at a glance. The approach: simple. And extremely challenging. Our motivation: ambitious. And especially committed to creating a multi-layered platform instead of a one-dimensional web presence that gives you room for interaction and added value from which you benefit. We asked ourselves: what do our customers really need? The answers have become our ambitious two-fold goal. To make bundled information about our product world available much faster and much easier to grasp. Even away from the exhibition hall. Holger Krebs, Managing Director KSI Filtertechnik, shares his enthusiasm. “We have achieved that. Even the smallest details are now accessible in just a few clicks. On top of that, the site looks outstanding in our eyes.” And you? Can we inspire you in the same way?


Three steps.

Can you find what you are looking for in our showroom? Does our website offer you what you need? And do you enjoy what you see? Tell us. Your honest feedback takes us three steps forward – and you another step further.