Online System Monitoring

Modular hardware and software solution for the operation and monitoring of compressed air installations

  • prevention through optimized service and deployment planning
  • detect critical situations online at any time
  • alarm acknowledgement and online configuration: no unnecessary trips to the plant
  • no access to end customer data by KSI
  • data logging and visualization of current and past values (without limitation of data volume)
  • warnings and fault messages by email
  • service parts (also for third-party products) for all system components with maintenance interval pre-defined or storable
  • private label version for end customer presentation (optional)
  • additional data boxes allow the connection and definition of a variety of sensors
  • switching of electrical components over defined conditions
  • software as web app: no installation on end devices necessary ▶ access with any internet-enabled end device
  • databases and servers at German locations, encrypted connection between server and user device
  • individual system configuration as PID representation


Options / Services


Antenna for connection to the ETC4.0

Sensor for ETP4.0

Pressure dew point transmitter and pressure sensor

Sensor for ETC4.0

Pressure dew point transmitter

Cable temperature sensor

with PVC cable

Databox S

Connection to ETC4.0 via system modbus

Databox L

Connection to ETC4.0 via system modbus


for changeover or pressurised holding systems